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BOUGE B 2014

One month from now deSingel will be turned into a huge dance scene.

Coffee bar in Antwerp #3:
Category:  Hotspots

So you’re in Antwerp. Checking out the tourist stops. Wondering what's going on in the Cathedral (because you don’t want to pay to get in a church), you’ve seen the Groenplaats and Paters Vaetje doesn’t have any secrets for you anymore. You need some coffee. That’s for sure. The place to be? Me and My Monkey!

The swinging beats of the fifties
Category:  Party

My grandmother met my grandfather back in the day at a ball. When she used to tell me about this event, I could only imagine how it would have looked like back then. Every man in a suit, every woman in a beautiful dress, champagne everywhere, a big band performing on the stage and so on.
Never thought I would be able to relive this event, but thanks to the wonderful people of Radio Modern, everyone could enjoy the swinging beats of the fifties once again.

Coffee bars in Antwerp #2: Caffe Mundi

A different type of coffee bar

Lunchtime at Cafématic

What I really love about Cafématic, except for the food of course, is their low profile.

Yamayu Santatsu: Japanese Restaurant

People who are familiar with Kassa4 and the Ossenmarkt (so mostly students) have probably seen this restaurant a million times without realizing it's one of the best in Antwerp.

Pop-Up Antwerp: Update Part One

In our latest issue of the This Is Antwerp magazine we wrote a piece about the pop up party culture in Antwerp.

The Exotic Market

The exotic market takes place every Saturday morning at Theaterplein. It starts at 8pm but unlike most markets they stay put till 4pm so if you want to sleep in, you can! The market is a big favorite with the locals. Many gather to browse the stands in search of special ingredients, a good deal on vegetables or just to grab something to eat.

Coffee bars in Antwerp #1: Normo
Category:  Hotspots

Normo is one of the best coffee bars in town! I'm sure a lot of people would agree because the place is always packed. It's located in the heart of the city, one street from the academy of fine arts which makes it a favourite for a lot of art students. Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee during the wintertime?

Dorien Waterschoot: Upcoming Stylist
Category:  Skills

Dorien (23) is an upcoming stylist who has lived in Antwerp for five years. It all started when she got a job at Forever 21 as a stylist and discovered she was actually really good at it. She met photographer Frédéric Bastin who took her on a trip to Barcelona to work on a shoot and it wasn’t long before big clients like Hair by Van Loenhout and REDKEN asked her to style their collections. She even styled a billboard campaign for Marlboro Cigarettes with photographer Guillaume Kayancan. It’s hard to describe her style in one word: she loves to work with ethnic elements, prints and lots of colour.