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Upcoming talent Jane Spleen at Rataplan

Last week the opportunity arose to check out Jane Spleen, an upcoming Antwerp band releasing their debut album at Rataplan vzw

FoMu exposition: Shooting Range & Richard Mosse

Getting a phone call in the morning asking if I want to check out an exciting exposition at the Antwerp FotoMuseum? There are worse things to wake up to.

Prepping for some Late Night shopping in Antwerp

I was having a chillaxed morning today when I suddenly received a call.

Op = Op, Obento in Antwerp
Antwerp Fringe Festival: Let’s do this every year!

Louise and Jolien, two Antwerp nieces, visited Antwerp Fringe Festival and absolutely loved it! They loved it so much they both wrote their findings in this blog. Enjoy!

Must-See: MoMu NOW/Nu

Today opens "MoMu NU/Now", the new exhibition by renowned fashion museum MoMu.

Buchbar, the opening

Buchbar, a combination of a coffee bar and a bookstore, has opened its doors in Antwerp. And we were invited for the opening!

If you like coffee and books, you’ll love Buchbar

Buchbar is a new coffee place that will open at ‘t Zuid on Thursday September 18th.

Antwerp Fashion Festival #2

This weekend I was a first hand witness of the 3th edition of Antwerp Fashion Festival.
Was it how I expected it to be? No.