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Antwerp Urban Trail (1): meet our mystery runner
A red wine and a pair of Toni Taloni’s please

Ever drank a glass of wine surrounded by the sweet company of high quality handcrafted Toni Taloni shoes? I did.

A New Nation in a Hidden Gem

If you're in Antwerp for a visit or just moved into town you might not have heard about De Nieuwe Gaanderij in the heart of Antwerp city. Trust me when I say it might be the true hidden gem in shopping you’ve been waiting for.

60 minutes to escape the box

Last Friday we barely made it “out of the box”! What may sound a little overdramatic was above all very intriguing. All you need to know is: we came, saw and conquered (twice). How? That’s for you to find out.

Mouthwatering Italian cuisine

Italian restaurants are easy to find in Antwerp, there are so many scattered all around our little town. So one might need some guidance in the matter, which I am more than eager to give.

Salades and Flamingo's at Flamoush

Last week I discovered a new kind of salad bar in our town. And I must say that new discoveries are a seldom event because I kind of know my city from the inside out!


Grafixx 2014 by day

Graffix at DEStudio

In the last weekend of November art valhalla DEStudio is the place to be for anyone who loves graphic art.

10 reasons why you should go to Kavkapper for your next haircut

10 reasons you should go to the Kavkapper for your next haircut

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