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Reggae in Antwerp - Collie Buddz - Part 2

“When I say Collie, you say Budzz”

Collie ...


Collie …


Broke bikes and brownies

Broke bikes and brownies is what’s on the menu at Broke Bikes Deli. A temporary concept store where you come in to have a drink and some freshly baked cake while ordering a new bike for take-out.

A Song Called City

Coffee and comic books

Reggae in Antwerp - Part 1

The rain was pouring out of the sky and there was no sun to be seen, still we managed to find that sunny reggae vibe in a little reggae bar, Izzy Maze in Antwerp when we interviewed the guys from High Grade Sound and Johnny Den Artie

ScreenShake 2015 - part 2

For those who did not take last week’s advice at heart and withered their weekend away on their couch after all; fear not for I will summarize some of the

For the love of Chips!

There’s a new snack bar in town, its name is Chips and it was love at first bite. I normally don’t kiss and tell, but it would be selfish to keep these Antwerp fries all for myself.


ScreenShake 2015

Growing up in Western culture while having Asian roots means dealing with stereotypes. I, myself however, felt left out most of the time. Like, you know how Asians are considered to be geniuses at math or school in general?