Robbers: it’s Art, it’s Fashion, it’s Awesomeness!

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet with two young creative superstars from our little A-town, Lenny and Barrie. These guys are in the process of developing a topnotch clothing line with vintage elements and extremely well drawn prints.

Not surprisingly, one of them (Barrie) is a tattoo artist with a huge following on Instagram and the other one (Lenny) is an illustrator genius, active in the embroidery industry. If you combine these two masterminds, it’s only normal you will end up with pieces that can be called true Art. With capital A please!

The new line will be called Robbers and I can tell you, it will rob you of your money all right!

They came up with the name when embroiling one of Barrie’s drawings on a vest, the image of an old-school robber, and they were both quite pleased with the outcome. So they decided to try out some more existing drawings and used the word “robber” as a common theme. The style of the clothing line has Asian features mixed with old-school vintage characteristics, which is kind of how these guys mix since Lenny is a big fan of Asian design and Barrie draws and tattoos old-school illustrations.

The coolest part about the line is that every piece of clothing is unique. They go out and try to find vintage clothing that looks stunning on its own but when the design is added, gives a genuine 90s racing clothing vibe to it. And if you have an idea in mind, they are also up to creating your own idea on a unique piece of clothing. Because of the exclusive nature of each item, the price is a little higher than a regular item from a shop, but for a little more dough, you will have an item that no one else has and that everyone will envy. In my opinion worth more than money can buy!

On top of all the previous mentioned awesomeness, every item will only be available at an event that these guys will host. It will be a new concept all together for our city, which will add to its popularity since our market is already quite saturated with cool clothing. If you pour all the components of a good party into the mix with amazing clothes, you will get an extraordinary event where everyone will buy buy buy! I personally can’t wait to get my invite and spend all my euros on my new one-of-a-kind sweater. As soon as we know the date of this event, we will let you know and we hope to see you guys there!



Text by Cleo Klapholz

Pics by Robbers




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